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Guidelines, Rules and Suggestions
SELLER Guidelines ...
  1. Select CREATE POST and complete the posting form for each item you want to sell.
  2. Use the photo upload utility at the bottom of the CREATE POST form  [details ...]
  3. You may revise your posting and photos at any time using the REVISE POST form.
  4. Interested Buyers will contact you directly via your protected email address. [details ...]
  5. Work out ALL arrangements (i.e. payment, shipping, etc...) with the Buyer.
  6. Once you have made the sale, please delete the posting via the REVISE POST page using your posting credentials (email and password). If you do not remember your password, you may use the LOST PASSWORD feature under REVISE POST or HELP.
  7. National Promo Boat Program Owners - please abide by your contract with the respective boat manufacturer with respect to advertising prices.
  8. Real Estate Professionals, please make sure to follow all local and state laws for using the internet to advertise real property for sale such as listing the principal brokerage information along with your name.
BUYER Guidelines ...
  1. Select the category of interest or use the SEARCH page for more control.
  2. If something interests you ... use the RESPOND TO POSTING button under the Seller's name to send an email.  [details ...]
  3. Work out ALL arrangements (i.e. payment, shipping, etc...) with the Seller.
  4. Enjoy your ski equipment!
WANT AD Guidelines ...
  1. Select CREATE POST and complete the posting form for each desired item, selecting WANT AD as the category.
  2. Choose all applicable fields.
  3. PRICE information will not be shown on your WANT AD so you may enter anything.
  4. You may revise your WANT AD at any time using the REVISE POST form.
  5. A potential Seller can contact you directly via your protected email address.  [details ...]
  6. Work out ALL arrangements (i.e. payment, shipping, etc...) with the Seller.
  7. Once you have found your item, please delete the WANT AD via the REVISE POST page.
  1. NO IMPROPER POSTINGS will be tolerated! SIA will block your email address from making future postings if you do this.
  2. The site is FREE. However, donations are accepted to cover hosting costs, AND any overruns will be donated to a charity that has SKIING in its program.   [details ...]
  3. SIA can not be held liable for any transactions or agreements between Buyer and Seller. By posting or answering a post on this site, you accept this clause without exception.
  4. SIA requests that all participants conduct their business ethically and fairly. After all, we are an elite group of skiing enthusiasts and should act accordingly!
  5. By using the SIA website, you agree SIA may moderate access/use in our sole discretion, e.g., by blocking, re-categorizing, deleting, verifying, or terminating your account. If an account/posting exhibits suspicious activity, SIA may request proof of ownership or authorization to sell the item. Failure to produce such proof may result in termination of the posting/account.
  6. If any fraudulent SELLER activity is reported and proven beyond reasonable doubt, SIA will remove ALL the postings by that SELLER. Any and all contact information will be turned over to the authorities, if so requested.
  7. If any fraudulent BUYER activity is reported and proven beyond reasonable doubt, any email correspondence from the BUYER in the SIA mail log will be turned over to the authorities, if so requested.
  1. PRICE your items TO SELL! REMEMBER ... they are ALWAYS worth more in your mind than to a buyer.
  2. Postings with photos gets more attention.
  3. Provide a good description of the item and remark on any damage.
  4. Sellers should answer any email inquiries promptly.
  5. Be Nice!
  1. The best way to avoid SCAMS is TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!
  2. Dealing with people via EMAIL and SHIPPING has its pitfalls. Losing $20-$30-$40 is one thing, but several $100 is another. Check out SIA ADVICE for BUYERS.
  3. Never send CASH. Fake Bank Checks and Money Orders are out there, so if this is your preferred method of payment, insist on nationally recognized institutions, and if you are concerned have your financial institution verify their validity before shipping the product.
  4. Never share your financial and sensitive personal informaiton (SSN, Bank numbers, etc.)
  5. Emails that read very strangely, with poorly formed sentences and grammer are very often SCAMS. Ironically, many international skiers do not have a great grasp on our wonderful language so read it carefully.
  6. Emails that offer Bank Checks for MORE than you are asking for is ALWAYS A SCAM!!!
  1. Initial Seller Contact via Email ....
    The button will link the Buyer to an online email form which he/she will use to contact the Seller. The Seller's email address does not appear on the form for their privacy. Upon submittal, the message (including the Buyer's email address) will be sent to the Seller and a copy will be sent to the potential Buyer. The Seller will respond via his/her regular email application which will contain a reply email address so each party can communicate directly with the other. At this point the SIA mail system is no longer in the loop.

  2. Photo Rules ....
    You may upload up to NINE images at the time you submit your posting via the upload utility provided at the bottom of the CREATE POST form. You may also add and/or change photos at any time after initial posting using REVISE POST. Photos with resolution greater than 640x480 pixels, will be compressed and resized. ONLY .JPG formats will be accepted! SIA will automatically compress, resize and generate "thumbnails" which will show up on your posting.

    Make sure your photos are clear, in focus and show the product well. If possible, avoid using magazine photos as they may not truly depict the actual product being sold and may infringe on copyright laws.

  3. Donations ....
    Donations are strictly voluntary ... This site was built as a service to those who enjoy the great sport of water and snowskiing and all the related activities. However, there are costs to maintaining this site not to mention the time devoted by the creator. If you are successful at selling, SIA asks that you make a donation of your choice depending on the selling price of your item. This will go a long way to keep the site up and running. All profits will be donated to a disabled sports charity that includes water and snowskiing in its activities and will be posted on the site. Personal check, money order or PayPal are acceptable. Please contact SIA for a mailing address if needed.
    Note: Donations to SIA are NOT tax deductible!

  4. PayPal ....
    PayPal is a service that offers different types of electronic fund transfers. Currently, they are one of the TOP companies in this E-TRANSFER business. You can send money to anyone with an email address.
    SIA is a Verified PayPal account holder. If you wish to pay SIA online for anything (i.e. scanning services or donations), please use the PayPal Donate logo at the right. SIA accepts all forms of PayPal transactions including credit cards.
    Learn more about PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions! If you would like a FREE Personal PayPal account or wish to learn more ... use the regular PayPal logo to the right.