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Why SIA?

Whether you sport-of-choice involves getting wet or relying on gravity, you know the names of Overton's®, Christy Sports, Barts, SKI.COM, Ski Limited, Sun & Ski, Wileys, etc... all selling NEW stuff at competitive prices. If you have looked into auctions ... EBAY® tops the list for just about anything under the sun and, of course, CRAIGSLIST for used equipment.
Online SKI equipment classifieds are nothing new, however, not many sites are dedicated solely to classifieds nor offer the categories that SKI-IT-AGAIN does! Most are also not as straight forward and user-friendly as SIA nor offer a photo upload utility for your convenience. And SNOW/WATER is all we do!
The sole purpose of this site is to allow people who have amassed equipment no longer needed ... a place to list this equipment for REASONABLE prices. The format at this time is via a posting or classified ad. Auctions are great but the "last minute bidding frenzy" is not to the Buyer's advantage and not meeting the reserve leaves the Seller high and dry.
So give it a try ... it's FREE*. If you have any questions beyond what the GUIDELINES page offers ... wish to have another category added ... or just want to comment on the site, please feel free to contact SIA at any time via the CONTACT page or the feedback email link below.
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* The site is FREE to use for Sellers and Buyers. SIA does ask for donations from successful Sellers to keep the site up and running. Any proceeds over costs WILL be donated to a disabled sports charity that has skiing in its activities and WILL be posted on the site.